Entry 3: Digital Information



There is no limit to the amount of information available when using digital devices. I’m sure we are all familiar with the phrase ‘just Google it’, as that is simply all you need to do these days to receive the information you are seeking. The range of information is unlimited such as instructions to fold a paper airplane, what to cook for dinner, scientific facts and statistics, how to write an essay, global news, latest celebrity gossip and basically anything you will ever need or want to know. For a teacher this is an invaluable asset to their profession. The incredible degree of information they can acquire through digital devices means they can gain ideas for activities, have a good understanding of any topic they are teaching, use videos or animations in class to facilitate children’s learning, seek the answers to questions their students have and much more! So the problem isn’t the lack of information, it’s knowing how to find what you want. Ask your colleagues what websites they use. Sign up to a blog. Ask friends via social media. Limit the amount of words you type into the search bar. And try not to become too distracted by the thousands of links that appear while you browse the Internet.


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