Entry 5: Digital ‘Blurring’


What if you were told that your online gaming habit was setting you up with valuable skills for ‘real’ life. Excessive time spent on the computer will inevitably cause you to become very familiar with how it operates, making you an ideal employee to be either working on or with computers. As you begin to master different virtual games you may also develop skills such as meeting targets, allocating resources, strategic planning, teamwork and leadership skills which are all attributes that can be transferred into the workforce. Knowledge and skills learnt through online gaming can be transferred into everyday life, so the ability to encounter these obstacles through a virtual experience (and develop ways to overcome them) allows individuals to have a thorough understanding of such scenarios and cope better when faced with similar situations in reality. The resultant skills students develop from gaming can also be transferred into classroom learning and utilised to assist the learning of new content producing greater results and acquisition from students. For example students can transfer their ability to strategically plan into problem solving activities or group activities where they need to organise roles for a number of people to ensure a task is completed on time. So why not utilise this desire children have to engage in online gaming to promote involvement and interest from students by incorporating digital classroom activities.


Nisene technology. (2014). Online gaming [Image]. Retrieved from



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