Entry 6: Lifelong Learning


Life-long learning
Life-long learning involves individuals continually learning and expanding their knowledge past their school and tertiary years. This is particularly important for teachers as they are constantly having to update their knowledge and skills as curriculums change, new technologies are created and different topics are encountered in the classroom. Not only do teachers take part in life-long learning themselves, but they also aim to develop students with appropriate skills that enable and encourage them to engage in life-long learning in their lives beyond school. The ability for individuals to become life-long learners has however become much easier with the development of technology, and in particular the Internet. Access to the internet allows us to readily find any information we wish to know simply by the click of a button. With the advancement of technology we can even actively expand our learning by taking part in online courses. This makes ongoing learning more accessible in our busy lives as we can complete a degree without having to leave home and work it into whatever time of day best suits.


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