Entry 8: Response to feedback


The feedback I received from two members in the class was fairly similar, addressing two main ways I could improve my blog entries before submitting. These two improvements included the incorporation of pictures and editing my work. The biggest criticism was my lack of creativity. As suggested I therefore incorporated more images in my entries, making them more interesting and appealing to readers. As with all assignments I also needed to proof read my work to prevent grammatical or spelling errors weakening my mark. By proof reading I also corrected some inconsistencies with my entries such as the title missing on entry 3. Through marking other people’s blogs I also realised my teaching episode needed to incorporate more use of technology. I therefore decided to add the use of an interactive whiteboard at the end to bring the class together and reinforce what had been learnt during the lesson. I agree with the feedback I received as the improvements suggested were similar to the alterations I was planning to make anyway. Below are links to the marking rubrics I received feedback from, and one of the rubrics I completed for a peer.


Peer_Criteria_Blog (2)



Aasaan jobs. (2014). Feedback [Image]. Retrieved from



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